Starting out

Posted on: 09 Feb 2015

Hello and Welcome to my new blog page for anyone interested in Marathon running.

You may have been directed here as you are new to running, and looking to get started in the world of running.

Firstly, I'd like to say, well done to getting started on this road, as it probably wasn't easy and you're probably worried about what the future has instore with you.

Secondly, let me put your mind at ease. Running is natural for most of the human race. I'd agree, that if you haven't run before or done very little, then yes, initially it will be hard, but if you take it on as I advise then you should get bitten by the running bug in no time.

So lets take about the main part. Running at the start should never be treated as a 'jump straight in' scenario. You'll need to 'start small to big big'. Initially start off by doing short jogs, anything from 100 to 500 metres, not too fast, then walk until you've recovered. Repeat this process over a distance of maybe 2km until you feel the need to return home. That first week should be started off slow. This should be a good starting block.

Generally, over time, adding a little more distance to the jog section and gradually decreasing the walking section. Eventually over time (it can be weeks or months), you will eventually be jogging the whole way instead of walking. The next step will be to increase in distance, but thats for next time.

Thats it for now.

I'll gradually do small blogs such as this and update you on little tips and tricks for you.

Enjoy your start to training!


Personal Trainer

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