February update

Posted on: 09 Feb 2015

Where am I now?

In January I was very focused on trying to up the milage quickly to make sure I was flying by the time I got to my first event race. I took on Benfleet 15 competitive race, a nice cross county 15 mile race in Essex. It hurt, but it was really good. Hilly, and my legs well burnt out to hell by the end. Needless to say, that jumped my body into the high end distance pretty quickly.

Now I am on the curve getting ready for the first road race in preparation, Brighton Half Marathon. This is one of my best races as it is quite flat, it is generally quite fast, and it holds my current PB. But this time, I want to get sub 1:30, which I am very hopeful of.

Now comes the hard part. My training temporarily switches to half marathon distances, but with speed play chucked on, and a ton of flexibilty work. Great for building up my speed but hard to fit in due to the timings. Also it has come time to address the elephant in the room. The food. Its been unbalanced at best, but now I'm switching to the 5 meals a day, small, and protein rich. Generally bringing my weight down but training my digestive system to work with the CV system to extend my endurance and not running low on energy which I've been prone to in the longer run.

Fingers crossed!

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