So this is it, I'm back

Posted on: 29 Dec 2014

Over fours years ago, I finished the greatest race of my life. The London Marathon.

Since then alot of things have changed. But now, I have made the choice to run that race again.

Now don't get me wrong, this will not be the same race for me this time. For many reasons. Before, it was my first full marathon. I was under prepared, and a bit green to it all.

Since then, I've grown. I've completed other marathons, halfs, Tough Guy, Rat Race, Tough Mudder. I've become a Personal Trainer, moved my entire life about and chosen to build a brand new career in Fitness. I am not the same man who completed that race all those years ago.


So why am I going it now? One of the greatest races on earth, that I've already done. I've gone onto do much more grueling challenges.

I wish I had that answer, but I knew I had to come back. The draw was too strong. I needed to clear a dark cloud hanging over me. I know I have to take it on again. The race needs to be taken on as the new person I am.

I'm not taking it easy either. With my new Personal Trainer skills and experience, I'm not going to be underprepared this time. I will have hit every mile that could be hit, and then hit more.

I'll be on a string of runs, including Brighton Marathon 2 weeks before, which will be my PB territory. London will be for fun. 26.2 miles of fun.

I'll be running for me. I'll be raising for my Air Cadet Squadron.

But I'll prove what I'm made of.

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