26 Miles … Again! … Are you crazy??

Posted on: 02 Dec 2014

By Paul (October 3rd) ... So, this isn’t my first London Marathon. I got lucky in the ballot two years ago and ran the 2013 race, at the not so tender age of 42. The experience of not only completing the 26 miles, but the preceding 6 months of training your body to do something it really is not built to do or ever conceived doing before, was something pretty special.

The atmosphere on the day truly is incredible. Huge, constant crowds and their cheering; the tears of my confused 2 year old daughter, Imogen, when I forgot to take a gel from her in Greenwich that she had been diligently holding for the past 30 minutes; mile upon mile of high fives from random kids as you run past; the roar and buzz as you crossed Tower Bridge; Imogen’s smiles at mile 17 when I gave the mother-in-law an unexpected and incredibly unwelcome hug (I was a bit sweaty apparently??); jelly babies from well wishers at mile 23 when the cramps were threatening to appear; hands in the air as S Club 7’s ‘Reach’ blared through the tannoys on the home straight in The Mall … just some of the memories of one of the most amazing days in my life.

But as well as the physical challenge of it all, the effort and pride in raising over £4000 for a cause as worthy as the CMA meant that, as I soothed my aching limbs (and detaching toenails!!) the following day on a spa trip treat from my wife Sam (btw, I would normally prescribe to a men don’t do Spas philosophy but not on this day), the only thought in my head was not ‘Never Again’, but rather ‘When??’

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