TOWIE to blame!

Posted on: 03 Dec 2014

By Paul (October 20th) ... Wow, you really can tell Louise is a teacher, applying all those theories and tables with pretty colours and stuff to her training schedule! ;0) My training plan has always been and will continue to be a little less structured.

Before I dazzle with my training plan for the 555 challenge though, I should share a little of my running history. Until a few years ago, running hadn’t been my thing at all … why run, when two or four wheels are so much faster and so much less effort. I have always been sporty, I’ve played pretty much everything through my years, but preferred to invest any effort on a football or rugby field, than on a treadmill, the track or heaven forbid, the road. I am just over 6ft tall, and to put it in politically correct terms, big boned, weighing in at around 110Kgs for most of my thirties, so I’m not your typical build for a long distance runner.

Then I hit my forties a few years ago, and weekends running around the football field had been replaced by running around after my 2 year old daughter, or a more sedate stroll on the golf course. One evening I was doing a great impression of a couch potato in front of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, which we have to watch in our house to understand the ways and means of my wife, Sam and my Basildon based in-laws, when James ‘Arg’ Argent from the show ran and completed the 2012 London marathon.

I remember thinking ‘if he can do it, so can I’. I noticed a Facebook post from a friend who had just entered the ballot a day or two after the show, a few online clicks, a dose of extreme fortune in the ballot and 6 months later, I had my place for London 2013.

So become a runner I did, committing myself fully to the physical and mental challenge of running 26 miles and the equally important opportunity to raise funds for the CMA in memory of Chris. And it turned out that I really could do what Arg had done, better than him in fact, completing London 2013 in just under 4 hours, whilst Arg took just over 6.

The 555 challenge represents a natural step up from 2013, working harder and running farther to hopefully raise even more for the CMA.

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