The vest’s virgin outing, and no chafing!

Posted on: 05 Dec 2014

By Louise (November 14th) ... After reading Paul’s post about how he trained for his first marathon,  I have also been reading his recommended book “The non Runners Marathon Trainer”. I have to say it’s a great read and what I have been most inspired by is the psychological training for a marathon.

I know I am physically healthy and fit enough to run a marathon but at times “My head goes” so finding strategies to overcome this has been really helpful.  The line in the book “It doesn’t matter” has been the most useful as over the last week I have been ill and not trained for a couple of days, normally this would send me into a tail spin but “It doesn’t matter”

Despite the illness, I still managed my first mini-achievement of the challenge last Friday when I ran the Women’s 10K race in Jumeirah and did well. My CMA vest had its first “Race” outing in order to check for chaffing  – you know what I mean – and I am pleased to report, it passed.

I felt strong and the distance went well, I used it as a training run and a practise for the upcoming half marathon and my first of the 5 events on 6 December when the achievements of this challenge start to get a little harder to reach.

I also used the run to determine when I needed to refuel and to sort out hydration.  I think I have managed to sort this which is a big step forward.   I am feeling good about the training and I am enjoying the self-discipline and self-motivation required to do it.

I work long days and when I come home I am looking forward to getting my trainers on and having “me” time on the treadmill or outside seeing the sites of Dubai.  Also the weather is beautiful in November, with temperatures around 27 degrees (this is cool for me, and as I speak I have long sleeves on !!!!!!!!!)

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