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Posted on: 15 Dec 2014

By Paul ... Congratulations to Louise for kicking the 555 challenge off last weekend with a half marathon PB. I have no doubt that with her steely determination and absolute dedication, her times will continue to keep crashing down over the next 5 months.

So, we are now well and truly under way, not just talking about running 5 events in 5 months to raise £5000 for the Cardiomypathy Association, but actually doing it. And so far so good! Louise has smashed her first 13 miler and the fundraising is also off to an encouraging start, with the first £1000 barrier being broken this weekend. We still have another £4K to go though, so if anyone following our efforts has the urge during this season of goodwill to spread some joy in the CMA’s direction, we would really appreciate your support at

Next up, it will be my turn to get my challenge underway with the first of my 5 events just 2 weeks away, the GUTBUSTER 2014 in Mortimer, Berkshire. This is a post Xmas blowout on Sunday 28th December with a well supported 10 mile (or 10Km if you choose) trail race across the mud and floods of various local fields, if the video and photos advertising it are anything to go by!!

So, for my first challenge, there will also be a couple of other firsts for me too, such as running with a belly full of Xmas turkey and mince pies, and probably more concerning, doing my first ever trail run as I have been one of those tarmac huggers in my running life up until now!

The training did take a predicted backwards step over this last weekend as the annual Xmas office party, my 44th birthday celebrations and a trip to Peppa Pig World to see Santa and stoke Imogen’s adrenalin junkie fires all collided. By the way, as if you would not know already, 2 day hangovers and theme park rides do not mix well.

The good news at least is that the birthday gods brought me some suitable footwear for hitting that GutBuster trail, check out these beauties...

That’s the ‘before’ picture, in true GutBusting style, I’ll share the ‘after’ shot once the run is done in two weeks.

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