Challenge #2 for Louise completed … Against All Odds!

Posted on: 25 Jan 2015

By Louise ... Yesterday I undertook my second challenge; the Standard Charter Dubai Marathon 10K.

I have to say that I was worried as I have been struggling with an injury and 24 hours before I was hobbling round my apartment desperately hoping the 2 hour ice treatments, strength training and ibuprofen would do their magic – like immediately!!!

A light leg massage was added into the treatment and a lot of talking to Chris upstairs in order to help me out.  I’d made a plan that I was going to take it easy on the 10K so as not to cause more damage to my shin. I have a half marathon in 3 weeks, another 10K and the big one in under 16 weeks so it makes sense to ease off now while I have a small window of time.  I’d decided very reluctantly that if it took me a record snail’s pace, then so be it.  Trust me this is much easier to type after the event than it was to implement, having a silent battle in my head with myself 24 hours before!!!

dubaimarathon10kFriday morning I was still hobbling so out with the magic physio tape, calf supports and ibuprofen – not 200mg this time but 600mg and away I went.  I do not advocate this as a way to run races but the deal is that this week I will not be doing any impact and embracing the cross trainer which I detest,  then I will be reviewing the re-hab in 7 days.

The first 2km hurt and then once my shin had warmed up the pain disappeared. I am not sure if it was the warm up or the extra medication, but something kicked in. 25,000 participants were taking part yesterday and a large number of these were in the 10K so it was very busy.  I spent a lot of time zig zagging through the crowds trying to push towards the front where larger numbers of individuals were running and not walking.  Bit by bit I made my way forward and eventually against all the odds managed to get into a flow.

I usually run with a stop watch but decided not to yesterday as the aim was to complete the race and listen to my body, if I started to hurt, I would ease off, and if I felt OK, I would keep going.  With all the zig zagging taking place I am convinced I actually ran further than 10K and in a time of 01:02:27, I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Today I have had the foam roller out which I believe is an instrument of torture as I have no idea how a piece of foam can hurt so much and the re-hab begins in earnest for 7 days.

Out of all challenging situations something good has to come, and for me it has provided me with confidence on the improvement of my mental strength, overall cardio fitness and self-belief that actually despite the odds being against me 24 hours earlier, with the right attitude, I can do this.

As I type, my race number for Challenge #3, the RAK half marathon, has just turned up.  Time to get that ice out again!!!!!!!!

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