Jees its hot!!

Posted on: 30 Jun 2009

Bloody hell, talk about sweating like a pig! Wanted to go for a run last night in the muggy heat, but the missus tempted me with a botlte of red wine with dinner Tongue out(sucker that I am - went REALLY well with the fantastic spaggy bol she made) so no contest really!!, so went for a bike ride at 6am this morning. Felt a bit furry after copious amounts of wine the night before, but felt ever so refreshed once I got going. Big bonus was that it was SO much cooler than last night, and with no cars on the roads at that time, win win all round (vino 'n all!!) 7 Sweaty miles later felt like the thighs had a right good workout.

Went out for my first 'Hash' run with the running club last thurs. Good fun all round, although I managed to take the wrong route on a couple of occasions, so all in all about 5-6 miles. Lovely night for it. All finished off with a nice cold bottle of Becks and Hot Dogs very kindly provided by the club!. Good to run off road being softer under foot, but you have to watch the uneven ground.

Happy running all!

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