Long hot run

Posted on: 14 Jul 2013

Well it wasn't that long but it was hot and I really enjoyed it. For once I was on my own as I set off from near the club and ran up Broadway heading towards Shaw. As most of this first part of the route is steady climbing my splits were 9:26, 9:18, 9:05.

From Shaw I headed up more climbing to High Crompton then across towards Rochdale before turning along Thornham Lane. I headed off road up a long climg before having a long downhill and I reached five miles with 9:29 and 8:59 giving me a five mile split of 46:16.

Then into the second five with splits of 9:25 and 8:27 as I headed down and onto the canal to turn back towards the finish. Back down the canal before turning along the old railway line and back past the track my splits were 8:31, 8:30 and 9:19 to ten miles with a second five mile split of 44:12 for a negative split.

I finished the final 0.53 mile in 5:36 and was greateful for the cold bottle of water I'd left in the boot of the car to keep cool. So a good run of 10.53 miles in 1:36:04 and an average pace of 9:07.

That's taken me to 1,108 miles for the year so far, averaging 39 miles a week. Another week starting tomorrow that will finish with the Moonraker 10k which will be tough if it's still hot and has a long climb between 2-3 miles.

Happy running!

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