Easy day Wednesday

Posted on: 10 Jul 2013

It was a cooler day in Halifax although still muggy. I had a meeting that ran on until 12:30 so I didn't get out for a run until nearly 1pm and Lucy had waited to run with me.

This was only Lucy's third run since coming back to work from maternity leave and we set off runing up the hill and across the moor. I consciously kept the pace easy as I'd decided to take Lucy to 4 miles after she'd done 3.6 miles last week.

We went through the first mile in 11:30 and then picked up a little in the second mile which didn't have the half mile climbing that the first one had. Our second mile was 11:00 and then we ran along to the park and started the climb back up.

Despite the climb our third mile was 11:15 so we'd kept a good consistent pace and then had a mile to go that was mainly flat and downhill with just a couple of inclines. I began to pick up the pace a little and on the down hill sections pushed Lucy along. On the final section Lucy really picked up her pace and we finished strongly with a 10:24 last mile and 44:08 for the 4.03 miles route.

Great running Lucy!

It's a double day for me tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to run a bit faster at the club tomorrow night as my groin strain is beginning to feel a bit better.

Happy running!   

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