Double day Monday

Posted on: 02 Sep 2013

Started the week with a good run at lunchtime.  I set off with Helen C and ran at her pace for the first 1.8 miles and then I did a longer loop and tried to catch up.

I spotted Helen as she crossed the Moor as I was headed up to the top and then had a downhill chase before catching her around quarter of a mile from the finish and then we ran in together. Helen did 3.71 miles and I did 4.38 miles in 45 minutes. Matt, Mikala and Jo were also out and did a 4.2 miles route.

Tonight at the club there were 20 of us out for a run - group two were on a 3.4 miles recovery run after yesterday's race and group one were doing a 5 mile run including 4 x half mile efforts with quarter mile recoveries.

My splits for the four half mile reps were 3:05 (6:12 pace), 3:12 (6:27), 3:17 (6:36), 3:18 (6:39). I was happy with that session as the first half mile was down hill then a couple of flat ones and the last one was on a climb.

Hopefully another double day tomorrow with an early morning run then a lunchtime run - I've got meetings over lunch on Thursday and Friday so I'm trying to fit other runs in when I can.

Happy running!

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