Snow run

Posted on: 06 Feb 2012

I have been fighting off a cold for weeks seems like it comes back every time I exercise. Friday night and saturday morning did intense body pump classes despite feeling rubbish but I think I sweated it out. Rewarded self with a rugby match in front of fire and an early glass of wine at half time! Well done England.

Woke up sunday feeling brilliant - I was a little put off by the deep snow but thought I couldnt waste my burst of energy!

Set off a little later than usual and the sun was trying to break through the fog but flipping hec I had not bargained for it being such hard work! Made the weights sessions seem like a game in comparison to this - it was like trying to run on a sand dune or in the swimming pool. I was exhausted after half a mile. Got to the third stile and the path had gone so I bravely set off across the field in virgin snow trying to guess where the track might be. The last 1/2 mile is all uphill and I thought I would die - truly - and I thought I was supposed to be fit!! 

Only managed 5K - sorry what a wimp.

Great fun though Laughing

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