Could I be any wetter?

Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

I thought I would wait a bit yesterday to see if the rain would stop. Foolish error because it just got heavier and heavier until I was forced out thinking that if I waited any longer I would be swimming.

I managed a good 6.8 miles but my garmin finally died and so I have no idea of the time. Boo.

The uphill bit is fairly tough and I wanted to do this run so that I could get in some hill training for next sunday; needless to say it was like running up a stream. Thankfully few cars out due to the weather.

The off road was wet under foot but it was the hands that suffered the most and I need to invest in some waterproof gloves as well as some silver lined gloves; I get Reynauds and its no fun getting your hands wet and cold. I was pretty miserable by the time I got back to the car and I couldnt have been wetter if I had been swimming.

That is dedication.

Anyway entered the ballot for VLM - 4th time lucky?!

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