Garmin help needed; body pump and chilly running

Posted on: 15 Jan 2012

My garmin keeps going low on batteries adfter about 50 minutes - anyone got any suggestions? it is a Forerunner 205. I have tried running battreies down and then charging to full but it happened again today - very annoying as it needs to last 2 hours + for the longer runs.

Went to body pump yesterday; not been in ages and I am right back to square one. Could not manage the 32 press ups! Oh well, yet another target for 2012. Boy was I stiff this morning so even though I yet again had a slight temp and a sore throat decided to go for a run to loosen up the muscles. The muddy fields were rock solid frozen and the tractor tracks v hard to run on! I was still in a t shirt though despite the -3 but did put on gloves. Regretted the gloves of course because hands were boiling. Anyway a nice 5.5 miles and very pretty it was.

Might try another body pump class tonight - see if I can manage 2/32 press ups this time Embarassed

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