Running cold and Mel B

Posted on: 02 Feb 2012

Woke up sunday with yet another temp and sore throat. I am thinking its my body's way of trying to avoid running. Mind you had an exhausting saturady - again - up at 6.20am as daughter wanted to go to chapel before school (?) and who am I to stand in the way of chapel (!). After 4 school runs into York, a body pump class, trip to the barber, shopping and making up beds for extra boys, I eventually ended the day with a 6th late night trip into York to collect daughter from a party. So no wonder I woke up with a running cold.

Anyway, as a consequence I only managed 4.5 miles although did incorporate a Big Hill.

So last night to get some extra exercise in I did a 'Get Fit with Mel B' class. It was good old fashioned aerobics with jogging on the spot; sideways gallops, spotty dogs and star jumps. Brilliant. Next week I might dig out my old lycra aerobics gear all of which I still have including the Reebok flop socks. 

My Garmin has officially died. They will replace for a new Forerunner 205 for £45. Might as well go for it but its a sad day.

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