VLM training has started

Posted on: 30 Jul 2012

As I have put in a serious bid to take part inthe VLM this year - having also applied for a charity place to run for Alzheimers society - I am actually fairly optimistic of a place this year :) So I think I should be at least half marathon fit for October and I have just checked out the Bridlington Half Marathon; souns good provided its not a repeat of the dreaded Filey beach run.

I took myself off to the gym on friday and obviously as I havent done any weights for several weeks I of course took it easy... Haha no! Piled on the weights and boy was it hard work. By saturday evening I was struggling. By sunday I could not get out of bed - I could have done with a hospital hoist. Set off on my run without my Garmin to make it a bit easier on myself and headed for my nearest hill - ouch. Not good. But I did get up and decided to finish the 10K loop. It wasnt easy running in the last mile but was happy.

I can at least run the York 10K next week even if i won't cover myself in glory.

I cannot describe how stiff I was last night. It was a truly sad sight. But I am much better today. A day off running and then back to it tomorrow.

I have drawn the line at Dopey but will settle for Happy or Sneezy.

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