York 10K

Posted on: 01 Aug 2011

Thank goodness for the early start. It was boiling hot by the time we were lining up at the start at about 8.45am. Delayed start (again) I think due to traffic (again) but this year I had had foresight to park elsewhere at my office about a mile away.

Our team of sunflowers (raising money for St Leonard's Hospice) set off a good way back and most of us quickly took off the hats and wore them around the neck as it was hot and there was a surprising hill (how come when York is flat the rest of the year).

I was pretty unprepared for the run. I havent run 6 miles without stopping for several weeks and seem to be about as unfit as I have ever been. In fact if it hadnt been for the Denison Till team I would have pulled out as running unfit is no fun. As it turned out the run was OK; I cannot say I enjoyed it but I did enjoy the crowd cheering me on (surprising how much difference a sunflower makes) and the fact that I had actually beaten my brain which was telling me to give up.

Made it to the finish in an appalling 1:02:50 (chip). BUT the only way now is up. I need to knock 5 minutes off before the end of the season and I can die happy.

Hobbled back to the car (damn why did I park so far away).

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York 10K


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