Hot stuff and Nike app disaster

Posted on: 22 Aug 2012

So far the training is going well. On friday I did a 2.5K treadmill warm up (I so could not have done anymore - I hate that dreadmill, its a mystery to me how other people bear it) followed by a body pump class. Normal 10K weights (+1K bar) on the squats but decreased weight for mixed lunges and sqauts so as not to tire out my legs.

Nevertheless legs felt a bit lardy on saturday morning but worst of all it was SO HOT I felt sick. Managed 4.6miles. Not sure if I was helped or hindered by trying out my Nike app but it went barmy and started non stop talking : time, pace, distance, average pace, time, pace, distance etc etc. Flipping annoying. Checked it afterwards and settings fine. Wierd and rather annoying Yell

Drank wine saturday night. Big error. Woke up dehydrated and although it promised rain it never arrived. Hot and thirsty work. Drove to The Big Hill and ran up it (2.2 miles to the top) and in total ran 5.5miles then I wimped out I'm afraid. Way too muggy for my liking and way too dehydrated. The Nike app was going great until i looked at it and then it went crazy again and started ranting at me. It is probably user error.

Monday I did a 3 mile loop. Still running garmin free until i get it sorted out.

No running last night as it was tipping down with rain. I will have to grow to love running inthe rain if I am going to run outdoord throughout the winter. Hmmm.

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