Day 1 – My Journey begins

Posted on: 06 Mar 2008

As a bit of background I haven't ran for about 8 years, and probably haven't done much real physical exercise, bar weights and crunch's in that time either, but that's all about to change.
This week has been spent basically looking at my options, my goals, what I wanted to get out of exercise…
a)      priority one was to get fitter
b)      priority two was to lose a bit of weight / tone up
c)      priority three was outdoors and fun!
Cycling was an option, but I live in a flat without a garage, and there really is no way to store a bike without it impeding on our home. So… running it is.
So tonights the night!
The extent of my lack of exercise is evident as I don't even have an trainers… So ive bought some today… nothing fancy, but enough to get me through the first few months.
Now, given my lack of exercise I really cant push myself to hard… tonight im going to go out for 15mins to start and mix It up with running and walking… my main goal is to go two minutes straight run though… 
At the time of writing this im sat at my desk and picturing the run in my head… im determined to make this work and stick at it, but I do have mixed emotions about it all, tonights run fills me with fear and excitement…
Bring it on!

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