Losing the Battle, Winning the War?

Posted on: 30 Apr 2013

I feel like i only ever update my blog when things are going badly, and today is no different.

So ive had a couple of pretty annoying weeks with a slight niggle, and then food poisoning, so all be told i did two short runs in 2 weeks. Last week i got back to my routine, and unsuprisingly it didnt go fantastically well, i seemed to lack any energy or fitness. I told myself it would be ok, and that it was just a reaction to having not run for the best part of 2 weeks.

Yesterday i entered the ballot. I know i might not get a place, but i also know that if i do, ive got a hell of a lot of work to do in the next year, and frankly, right now i just dont see how im going to make the necessary progress, but i know i have to try.

So last night, with the new motivation of "needing" to train, i was sure i would be in for a good run. I was wrong. A month ago i was making huge progress, back to running 30mins straight, and starting to feel i could go beyond that. Now, with the injury, illness, and change in weather conditions im probably doing 2km before feeling absolutely exhausted and having to put a 30sec walk in.

Im starting to feel defeated. Im really running out of ideas. I cant reduce my pace any more than i already have, i just dont seem to have the energy or strength in my legs. Im thinking of riding to work again now that the nice weather has arrived, however im worried this will sap my legs of any energy they may have, rather than strenthening.

I really am starting to feel defeated...

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