another day, another [new] injury

Posted on: 29 May 2013

So after what had been a fairly positive week for me, on Saturday i started to feel a bit of a twinge on the outside of my right knee. I couldnt really pin-point the area of discomfort, and i could only feel it through the impact of running and didnt notice anything when walking on it etc... Nevertheless when i got hoem i followed my usual routine for soreness, and iced and massaged the area, before going about enjoying the loevly weekend we had.

I thought nothing of my sore knee again until last night. About half way around my usual route, i started to feel a similar pain to the right of my knee. However this time it didnt matter if i ran, walked or crawled; the pain was constant. The story gets no better this morning... it is very sore to walk on, almost feels like its locking up, without actually doing so. I can flex my knee without any discomfort, but as soon as i put any weight on it, ouchhhh.

Unfortunately i have a lot of walking to do this week, to and from meetings at various sites across the town so im not going to be able to give it the rest i think it probably needs. Its another set back for sure, and i find myself once again frustrated that my body cant keep up with me, but i'll keep fighting. Hell, what doesnt kill us, makes us stronger.... right?

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