The tortoise and the hare

Posted on: 11 Mar 2008

Its true what that tortoise says, slow and steady.....

Tonights run was fantastic... over the course of the first two runs i had realised that i was going off far too fast and burning out before i even got started.

Tonight was different. For starters i didnt take my headphones with me tonight, they were just getting in the way. I had a longer warm up then usual and then i was off....

I'll admit i was a little worried about tonight, sunday was an awful run and knocked my confidence some what, and my schedule was to run harder than i have ever managed before, i had to do 2mins run, 2mins walk and that seemed rather difficult on paper.

once i got going all my fears vanished, 2mins whilst challenging enough didnt really seem all that bad. It tired me out, but those two minutes seem to fly by each time....

One negative from tonight was i seem to be getting a little niggle in my right knee. Its been there for al ong time though, even before i started running. I'll take it easy and try not to do much on it!

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