Hello... remember me? No? Didn't think so..... anyway...

Posted on: 27 Nov 2012

It's been a long time since i blogged but I thought I'd give it a go again... and try to stay with it, and the running, for a bit longer this time.

I deferred my VLM place from this year to next April and apart from a break due to injury recently I've been clocking up the miles steadily over the past 10 months. I'm on course to break 1000 in the year - which will be the first time I've ever acheived that :-)

I have a dodgy calf and it let me down again recently. I'd managed to get up to a long run of 20 miles about 6 weeks ago but a short interval run a few days later resulted in a calf pull and some enforced rest. I've an entry to the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon on December 23rd, along with the Mrs, and I'm desperate to do it - our first one together - but my fitmess levels are in doubt due to the 5 week rest. It's amazing how quickly it goes! I managed a 15.5 miler on sunday, but it was TOUGH. I'm aiming to do 18 miles this weekend with the view that it's sh*t or bust in respect of the Pompey race. Either i do the 18 ok and head on to a 20 the week after, or if I struggle as much as last week then will have to forget about it and resign myself to doing just London. C'est la vie.

Adios for now....

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