Out running at last

Posted on: 26 Nov 2008

Me and mrs pabs went for a walk/run/walk/run/walk for 3.5 miles around Virginia Water today. Very pleasant it was too - lots of ducks and wildlife, and a bit of sunshine as well. We ran for 1.5 miles so another 3 miles this week and I'll be on target for the week 1 total in my Reading Half Marathon training plan. I've started therefore I will finish.

This new site layout is pants - smelly Y-fronted stripey skidmarked pants at that! All I want is a page where i can click to my own blog then the 2009 FLM, or vice-versa . Can't seem to achive it without clicking thru other pages.  Flashing banner ads should be terminated with a nuclear device.

Children with Leukaemia charity take note - you have pants-all chance of getting my click-thru/money if half of each page is flashing at me. You obviously have more than enough dosh already to be able to afford such coverage. Online Chugging it is.

Mr Grumpy


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