This is hard...

Posted on: 10 Sep 2008

This is hard work...getting back into running I mean. I managed 2.5 miles on Sunday and then the same again last night in the peeing rain, and through loadsa puddles - Noice, as Annie would say. I'm not sure I could have run much further even if I'd wanted to -

It's been a long time since I've been this unfit, and I've managed to add about 10 kilos since my lowest (age 50+) weight a year or so back. Depressing, to say the least. Never mind, I've done it before, so I can do it again - I'll soon be back up to 20+ miles per week (achilles permitting...fingers crossed on that one..) and shedding Lard a'plenty. At least I'm more resolute than 'er indoors who, having announced to the world that she's going to do her first ever half marathon at Marlow in November, managed only a paltry two miles last week... Lou, facebook her some shame!



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