Late Start

Posted on: 24 Apr 2007

I am late to this - since I only have 3 weeks to go. Still, being someone who likes a challenge I have certainly set myself one - I am juggling a very busy job, with a conference scheduled, plus rehearsals for a Band competition on the 19th of May.

Tonight I am on call, so I can't risk being away from a phone - but ran about 7.5 k last night without dying. I did go a lovely shade of beetroot. I plan to run tomorrow & do some other kind of cross training thursday. I am on call all weekend which stops me from doing anything - then only have 2 nights off for training next week.

The week after I have band rehearsals every night & a conference in Athens at the weekend - so I will simply have to run there.

It seems increasingly likely that I am both mad and deluded & will find this 10k pretty hard.


Still, nothing like a challenge eh?

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