Retail therapy

Posted on: 29 May 2007

Well, I should have known better I suppose. Still, in the excitement a personalised race video seemed a really good idea - & a snip at £7.50.

Ouch. A video 2 minutes long.  The build up is good - theres some general race shots then the end of the mens race. Up to 1 minute 20 seconds.

But wait - here it is. Majestically I emerge in the distance like a stately liner.

Ah, ok. Well, actually what you get is 18 seconds of me, a glint of slight madness in my eyes, approaching the finish line like a demented camel. So quick they didn't manage to get me crossing the finish line, though if you ran for multiple sclerosis you took a starring role....

Still, it does have its uses. I shows that I really did try to speed up at the finish. It also  demonstrates that my right hip was not at all happy by the end of the race - in fact I had this kind of rolling motion going as though one leg was longer than the other.

I already knew I had some problems with my gait - time for a proper sports physio consult! It might be an overpriced 18 seconds of glory, but without it I might have been failing to look after myself!

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