£10,000 target HIT for PCUK

Posted on: 26 May 2009

I am delighted to announce that I have officially broken the £10,000 fundraising target, including gift aid. Total raised to date £10,167.98.


I have a further £697 to pay in and another few hundred pounds to collect so here's to £11,000.......


All my running has come to an end now and whilst I have enjoyed nearly every moment I am glad to be returning to normallity.


Most importantly dad is making an excellent recovery and has travelled back out to the boat in Australia with mum. Insulin injections, daily antibiotics and endless pills are a small price to pay for an 'all clear' and the chance to see another sunrise. We celebrate my eldest daughter's 4th birthday today and Isobel (and Amelia) spoke with granddad on the telephone. This is something I can honestly say I never thought would happen and we have come such a long way since hearing the news back in Aug/Sep.


To all my fellow Pancreatic Cancer UK runners it was an absolute pleasure to share the last six months on email with you and I hope we keep in contact. Just don't ask me to run London again.


Sue Ballard at PCUK has organised us increadibly well and my hat goes off to her for the marvellous task she does everyday in raising awareness and supporting the likes of our family all across the UK. I thank you for all your support and encouragement along the way.


The PCUK Marathon team has rasied a total of £26,244 to date.


Now where is that glass of champagne?

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