4 days to go - thoughts and apprehensions

Posted on: 22 Apr 2009

22nd April - 4 days to go

Sunday's marathon is fast approaching and I am down to short 10/15 mins runs to keep me ticking over.

I have completed 4 half marathons, a 16 mile race, numerous training runs and endured mountainous courses from Hell,  blistered feet, chaffing, black toenails and the obligatory aching knees - and I haven't even run the big race yet! But on the plus side I am fitter than I have been in many years, met a great number of fellow runners along the way, dropped over half a stone and received so much support from everyone I know that it really does warm the cockles.

Family and friends are due to line the second half of the course and I am a bit emotionally apprehensive about seeing my family after crossing Tower Bridge. At least I should be able to speak at that point in the race - not so sure about the finish. 

So am I ready? I have to say that "Yes!" I am - and looking forward to the run in a nervous laughter sort of way.

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