Heroes Run and a Guinness World Record Attempt

Posted on: 06 May 2009

Well, the extremely hot marathon is over and I am trying to pursuade myself that my knees are in fact fully recovered so I have no excuse to get back down the gym today. No more reasons to keep the trainers in the bag or avoid buying a sports drink in the morning. The toe nail I lost, whilst still on extended leave, is not causing discomfort so, in short, I must get back on track. I have to say that I am finding it tough to knuckle down again. Perhaps it is just like falling off a bike and the sooner I get back on then the easier it will be. Personally, I think my brain is treating it more like having to rip off the biggest plaster the medical world has ever seen and with my hairy legs I can see a lot of discomfort ahead.

The Heroes Run in Brighton on 17th May will see those runners in fancy dress attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of SuperHeroes in one place at one time. I even have super girl outfits for the girls and I am sure they will be joining me for the last few meters of the race. Now all I have to do is pursuade Laura that a latex cat suit is the way to go...hhmm, it might be easier to take on the Marathon again.

My first challenge is to work out how to reduce the weight of the rather heavy helmet I am planning on wearing. Perhaps something akin to bicycle helmet airflow holes might work, or simple holes in the top. Oh, the dilemas of a superhero - I wonder if Superman and Spiderman had similar problems in getting their suits right? Perhaps a problem with chaffing or access for comfort breaks? Perhaps not, I guess I should just toughen up.

With the evenings getting lighter and warmer it is so much easier to think about running after work but don't expect to see a caped Marvel flying past your house just yet. That will have to wait for the big day!

And my Marvel SuperHero?


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