"Do my knees hurt in anticipation or should I be worried?"

Posted on: 23 Apr 2009

23rd April - 3 days to go

"Do my knees hurt in anticipation or should I be worried?"

Perhaps paranoia is starting to get the best of me but with my back and ribs needing a physio session yesterday I an starting to worry about the smallest things. I look at people swinging suitacases and rucksacks around at the station and pray than one won't be cannoned into my knees or dropped on my feet. I've stopped taking in the view when walking instead I scour the floor to avoid uneven paving slabs and broken curbs. Driving to the station each day I leave an extra few meters from the car infront and reduce speed if there is another car approaching the same junction. I am, like most runners this weekend, starting to fret that something will stop me running on Sunday and put all that hard work to waste. In short, I am on High Alert. 

This may seem overly protective and perhaps it is but being so close to the main event fear of the unknown and uncontrolled does play with your mind and turn an otherwise normal streetgoer into a paranoid wreck.

Writing this I noted two words 'unkown' and 'uncontrolled' neither of which I can do anything about so it is time to take a chill pill draw the charity raffle this afternoon and enjoy the horse racing at Sandown Park tomorrow (I though that would be a good relaxer before the weekend). I collected my runner number and timing chip yesterday so all there is left to do is hydrate and eat, eat, eat over the next few days.

This may be my last post before Sunday so thank you everyone and remember it is "never to late to donate"



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