Photos and Radio Clip

Posted on: 22 Feb 2009

I have loaded a few photos taken in the garden with the PCUK gear and sponsor logos etc. You'll find them in my Photos and Videos section.

Also, for those with a little spare time here is the link to the two news reports on BBC Southern Counties Radio. The clips are at 2mins 10 sec and 1 hr 1 min 48 sec - or there abouts. They get repeated a couple of times so hopefully PCUK got some good air time. You never know which bits of the interview they are going to use....

If anyone knows a way of recording the sounds clips off the longer piece please let me know.

My report on today's Brighton Half-Marathon is likely to come out tomorrow, when I might have the odd action photo as well.

Don't forget Sussex Express on Thursday. I will post an article link then.


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