the sun is shining...

Posted on: 21 May 2010

What a beautiful day!! Luckily I have the afternoon off, so will be taking my first swim of the year :-)

Not long til I can get back on the running, but in the meantime I managed an hour on the cross-trainer last night, and half an hour of arm good getting all toned but still having bingo wings eh ;-)

I did 11.3km, which I'm pretty chuffed with! Was gonna walk home afterwards, but got that acidy stomach u get when u've done a massive run on not much fuel, thought I was gonna chuck if i'm honest! Slept like a log though...

Going to walk to the beach, possibly along the cliffs, so good for strengthening the legs, and am planning a hike tomorrow morning...still can't wait to run again on tues tho, nothing beats the feeling of being back in a strong routine...

Have a good weekend all, hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are too



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