Posted on: 19 May 2010

Hey all,

I have been busy sulking re non-activity due to pulled tendon near ankle...I pulled it early last year, and was given exercises to do by physio, but I must confess I stopped doing them when the problem went away...

It feels much much better today tho, so I am going to leave it until next week (just to make sure), then the training will begin in earnest! (plus, will have new pair of trainers, for extra support...my current ones are a wee bit worn)

I walk 45 minutes to work, and then walk home though, so haven't been entirely sedantry. I also went to the gym at lunch today, and did 35 minutes on the cross trainer, level 8 on random, so I feel like I'm on the road back to training :-) I also managed to cram in 50 inner-thigh & 50 outer-thigh exercises on the machines & 25 sit-ups before having to quick shower & race back to work, so all in all, I'm feeling very positive today.

Another bit of good news is that I have registered for the Brighton Marathon in April 2011!! I have also contacted The Starlight Children's Foundation, and confirmed with them that I will be running to raise funds for their amazing work - granting wishes to terminally ill children...I will post a link for donations nearer the time :0)

I also sorted my accommodation at the weekend for when I start College in Newquay in September...it seems like a lovely place, I can't wait to move over & leave the Finance Industry for good; 10 years has felt like a life-sentence! I'm sure it's great for some, but I'm an outdoor person, and hate being couped up!

So, I will dutifully be updating my blog from this day forth, with the running starting again next week! Hurrah!!!!!!


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