feeling good!

Posted on: 24 Sep 2010

I am feeling absolutely awesome today. I was up at 6am, and out running along the coast by 6.30...it really is so blissfully quiet at that time, and the air feels (and tastes almost?) clean and crisp and fresh...

Running along, alone with my thoughts, really is so therapeutic, i really am starting to remember why i love running so much.

Now that my body is getting used to running again, it is less of a chore, and a pleasure once again...i was worried for a while taht I wouldn't get back to that

So, if anyone is feeling like they've lost their running mojo, don't despair! keep with it, and it WILL become a pleasure again :-) there's a reason we keep pounding the pavements in all weathers, there's something that separates us from the non-running peeps, and i think it's that it satisfies something in us in a way that nothing else does, if that makes any sense...? pushing our bodies to the limit, grinning like a maniac when the endorphins kick in, and that absolute peace of mind that comes somewhere along the run...and the best sleep ever of course! ;-)

It's also so good for the soul to have some alone time...with the focus on breathing and the rhythmic pounding of our feet, it means a bit of peace from the sometimes thunderous din that is our thoughts! ;-) (or maybe that's just me! i think faaaaaaar too much!)


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