Eden half!

Posted on: 08 May 2010

No running since last post unfortunately :-( did a 12 mile walk for charity on Monday, and have consequently lost most of the skin on my second to last toe! Wasn't tired, but the enormous blister I finished with has now left me with almost no skin on my toe...lovely

Attempted a treadmill run on Thursday, but after JUST 8.5 MINUTES it was rubbing like crazy! I was gutted, but I was automatically running to avoid rubbing it, which was making my ankle hurt, so common sense (which doesn't usually prevail) made me get off and grumble off to the boring old bike

So, instead of stubbornly trying to run on it (which is my usual course of action when faced with injury) I am going to let it heal before starting the training up again...this leaves me restless and grouchy in the meantime, but must think long term for once :-)

Good news is that I have booked to do the Eden Project Half-Marathon this October!! 5 months away, so will be a good aim for the training...will be really chuffed if I make it round again...also good way of gauging my progess for next year's proposed full marathon, can then decide what month / race in 2011 to go for

So, hopefully the training will start in next few days once pinkie has recovered...



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