Long time no blog ;-)

Posted on: 30 Dec 2010

Hey all,

First off, I am very touched that I am being followed :-) :-) Cheers guys!

Secondly, I have already broken my promise to keep up to date with my blogs, naughty naughty...although to be honest, not much to report!

Did a 6 miler on the 23rd and a 3.5 miler on the 28th, and that's it :-( I have been thoroughly lazy! My excuses that 1) i have a friend visiting from London and 2) have eaten so much that it's a struggle to lift arse off the sofa 3) that i've been drinking too much... just don't wash, i should have been doing some small runs at least!!

heyho, I am planning a long 'un tomorrow morn (have wangled the day off), so hopefully that will see me into the new year with a slightly lighter conscience ;-)

And what the heck eh, all the scoffing and lazing is now starting to bore me and i'm missing feeling fit and healthy, so it has all been for a good cause, which of course was my plan all along ;-)

Bring on January with it's diet-detox, T-Total-ness and high mileage...i am all xmas-ed out!


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