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Posted on: 24 Feb 2016

Hi all you wonderful buzzers I hope you’re all enjoying the lighter morning and evenings and it certainly helps taking that first step out of the door. After January seemed to last an extra couple weeks February is absolutely flying by and we’ll soon be in mad March, so called because of the mad miles we’ll be running at the beginning of the month and then the taper at the end of the month for those spring marathons nervous yes exciting too right.


The last fortnight has been very much a story of 2 halves. Whilst doing my recovery run following the 16 miler I felt the right calf get really tight no pain just a dull ache and the calf feeling completely solid I just put it down to muscle fatigue. This of course called for plenty of stretching for the next couple of days. However as I set out for my speed session on Tuesday it was evident from the moans and groans coming from the calf that the speed session just wasn’t going to be. So I decided to just do the mileage but as a easy run, 7 miles in the bag and whilst I could still feel the calf it certainly wasn’t any worse. Thursdays tempo run followed a similar pattern and another easy run and 8 more miles in the bag. In the mean time there was plenty of stretching and icing, I even took a bag of frozen pea’s into work that now live in the ice compartment of our office fridge.


Saturday 13.02 There was only myself and Gas Dave out today as the others we normally run with were away half marathoning. As we had the standard long run weather, wind and rain, we decided to hit the old railway track which offers some protection from the elements. So a steady 2 miles down to the start of the track then a steady climb for 6 miles. A quick pit stop before we started the run for home. By the time we hit the 13 mile mark Dave was struggling and urged me to push on. The calf seemed to be behaving itself so off I went the next 3 miles were all sub 8 minute mile pace. Whilst these miles were the quickest of the day the final 2 miles back up to home were always going to be the toughest and the slowest needless to say they didn’t disappoint. Stats for the run 18 miles at 8.17 average. The legs were feeling pretty shot so I decided to hit the cold bath, the first one of this campaign. Damned painful but I definitely felt the benefit of it.


Monday 15.02. Pretty bog standard recovery run no dramas and the legs felt pretty good and more importantly no complaints from the calf.


Tuesday 16.02. Time for the dreaded weekly tempo run session and out of all of them this is the one I prefer the good old 400 meter repeats followed by a 1 minute recovery x 12. A good quick tough session average for the repeats came out at 6.01 pace, happy with that but I’m still thinking could I get under that 6 minute pace. But the most pleasing thing was that the calf behaved itself again.


Thursday 18.02. 6 mile club run that went really well a couple of us were enjoying it so much we added on a couple of miles a total of 8 miles done and dusted at 7.39 minute pace.


Saturday 20.02. Once again the rain and wind greeted us for our lsr. Only 4 us today Gas Dave and Ian (our trail king) were both broken Dave was suffering from a possible stress fracture and Ian had taken a tumble out on the trails and had broken his hand pretty badly, so much so he had to have an operation. We tried to keep the route as flat as possible but still managed 1200 ft of climbing. Fortunately the rain eased but this seemed to give the wind the cue to blow stronger. Once again I was able to pick up the pace for miles 16 to 19 which was pleasing however that last mile was another killer. Stats for the run 20 miles again at 8.17 pace which was the same as the previous lsr what a fluke. Once again the reward was yet another cold bath. Very painful it felt as if my feet were being smashed by baseball bats. Despite the pain they do continue to work.


Right that’s me up to date slightly shorter one planned for the weekend which is just as well as I’m going to be working for a large part of it. Keep ploughing on, keep smiling, keep believing and stay safe out there

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