Posted on: 27 Jan 2015

One pair of hardly used Asics trainers with very few miles on the clock and the prospect of them not being used in the near future. Move over Hollywood room for another one on the physio's bench. I've manage to pick another injury and as things are going I can see me being out of action for a while.

After my last post I caried own with my plan. Then on the Saturday ran a 14.5 long run but at the end I noticed a pain in my right achillies. Its something that has come and gone over the last couple of months but nothing to drastic and certainly not something to worry about. Got home and done the ice and ibruprofen thing and it felt ok to run some mile repeats on the Tuesday first 2 were done pain free and under my 6.40 target the next 2 wre done slightly slower both at 6.50 pace but by now i was getting quite a bit of pain from achillies.The worst thing i done was stopping because the ankle short of seized up. I then managed to short of hobble/run home, that was 2 weeks ago. After speaking to the physio and follwing her advice avoid impact,exercises plenty of ice and a few pills the discomfort and pain gradually eased so much so that last night i decided to try it out. Suffice to say things didn't go to plan. Decided to minimse the impact by running round our local playing fields. First lap (0.75miles) was ok about stiff and a bit tender but nothing alarming. Second lap was ok but I had to stop half way round the third lap. Basically I'm back to square one and limping like a rejected long john silver.

Not really sure where that leaves me at the moment. Been out on the bike and riding to work which I enjoy but it just dosen't give the same freedom, enjoyment and sense of achievement I get from runninfg. Reading about all your amazing achievements from so many of you whether it be 27 mile marathons or your first double digit run or smashing another pb how important running has become.

Guess the next course of action is to get to the bottom of the problem and get it sorted. The plans for a spring marathon have now been dashed, even had a outside chance of a London place but that's another story. Would have been very last minute and therefore pressure free.  May target some summer halfs but the main target will be getting to snowdon. 

Good luck with all those miles its about to start getting tough. Stay focussed stay safe and take care out there

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