Its Been A Long Time Coming

Posted on: 07 Sep 2015


But after nearly 18 months I finally managed a 20 plus mile run on Friday morning, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t quick and the last 4 miles were tough really tough and included 1300 feet of climbing. The route I had planned kept getting changed due to a large fire in the area and different roads ect being closed so not ideal but it got done. The last time I tackled anything over the 20 mile mark was the 2014 VLM. Aah memories . Once again I’ve got to salute you lot out there who regularly run these sorts of distances back to back and of course much much longer, total respect.


This all came after the country and beyond was well and truly painted RED the previous weekend for such a great cause and of course the Great Oggie Run special mention has to go to those ultra superstars Gaelle, Hollywood and of our very own T.V. personality Sir Bolty of Shropshire. It was a long time waiting but my was it worth it, brilliant viewing. My own run in red took place on the south coast path 14 trail miles and another 1300 + feet of climbing. I also broke my trail running cherry and went for my first tumble. I just lost concentration for a split second and caught my foot on a root and before I knew it I went plunging forward for what seemed ages and I even thought at one stage I was going to recover but no such luck before the inevitable thud. Up and a quick look to make sure there weren’t any witnesses, fortunately not, a quick check over and aside from a few cuts and grazes no damage done apart from my pride.


So after a relatively lighter week last week the preps are now fully focussing on Snowdon and the plan for this week is a hilly 5 miles on Monday 8-10 miles on Wednesday a club run of 5+ miles on Thursday before another 20 miler at the weekend. Not sure when I’m going to fit it in though I’m working until late on Friday, all day on Saturday and my sons rugby team have their first match on Sunday morning, looks as if Sunday afternoon will be my best bet but that won’t go down well. Talking of the lads rugby I’m now helping out as a backs coach for them which I’m enjoying and whilst the running fitness is helping all the stop/start and twisting and turning is making me feel my age.


Finally 2 of the guys I regularly run with, John and Dave (they get everywhere) are taking part in Iron man Wales on Sunday best of luck with  that one men 

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