Posted on: 10 Apr 2014

Well my real buzzing buddies our time is nearly upon us can't qiute believe it. Its been a really strange week what with the emotions of Sundays epic challenge that was so successfully smashed by all those superstars in Brighton and Paris. Monday and Tuesday I was full of nerves. Wednesday was a real strange mellow one and now I just can't wait to get it on.Just got back from the running club and had my running club nickname WAZ put on the front of my running vest and yes it just happens to be in orange.

We're heading off up to the big city tomorrow. The current plan is to head to the expo on the Saturday morning before heading over to Hyde Park for the afternoon get together. Not 100% confident get there but we cant go to far wrong can we. Really excited about meeting up with so many of you and promises to be nearly as special as Sunday.

So this will be my last post before the big day.Now I'm not as eloquant or a big motivator like some on here all I can do is pass some thoughts/advice. Sunday will be so special words will never do the day justice, savour it. There are hundreds of professional sports people who will never ever experience the level of support and adulation that you recieve on Sunday. Yes there will be miles that just fly by but there will also be miles that everything seems against you, you'll swear,you'll question yourself,you'll curse, you'll be full of doubt, you may even cry and you'll go to some dark places. But you will come through it because when it was easy to stay in the warm snuggled on the sofa you took the tough route you layered up and got out that door you ran in the dark,you ran in the wind,you ran in the cold,you ran in the rain and you didn't do it once or twice you done it again and again and again and its this strength this grit this determination and this sheer bloody mindedness that will get you through these tough times on sunday.Your rewards await my friends they are there to grab with both hands.

Hope to catch up with you on Saturday if not have a great day enjoy it,it real is so special.

Oh and a message for London we're coming to get you.

WAZ (Warren)


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