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Posted on: 26 Jan 2016


Got too start off this post with a question now that so many of us are running the dreaded threshold sessions I was wondering what constitutes a recovery after each effort. Is it a case of getting your breath back, walk or jog? Currently I’m finishing my efforts right on my limit before catching my breath and, if time allows, a slow jog. Where as one of the people I do these sessions with, is slightly slower than me but goes straight into a jog after completing the effort. I’m not sure which of these approaches is the best or is it just down to personal preference. ???


Once again this site has started to come into its own as the running continues to ramp up ahead of those spring marathons and as always its great to see the progress everyone is making be it their first marathon or umpteenth challenge. As the marathon madness continues so the site will provide a source of help, hints, inspiration and sounding board for our moans and groans.


Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post.


Sat 09.01 – Started off with 8 of us from the club and split into 2 groups after about 4 miles. 5 of us went and done our 3 hills route which saw us cover 13.5 miles and climb just under 1200 ft @ 8:24 average.


Mon 11.01- Good solid 5.5 mile recovery run.


Tue 12.01-Threshold session 4 x 1 mile, 3 mins recovery. As tough as it comes in my book not helped by the fact it’s done on the road to hell. Not sure on the individual splits but averaged 6.30 pace.


Thurs 14.01- Easy club run. I gave blood on Wednesday and it always takes a day or two to recover. I ran with a chap who is both new to the club and the area. A very steady and pleasant 4.5 miles.


Sat 16.01- Ideal running conditions cold and dry and no wind at all saw 6 of us on today’s long run. All was going well. Got to about 10 miles when the look went round the group time to pick up the pace which was good for a mile and then nothing I felt totally spent absolutely nothing in the tank. The next 3 miles were sheer torture. That’s when the beauty of running as a group came in to its own. If I was on my own I would have cut this one short plain and simple but fortunately the others got me through eventually. So 14 miles at 8.32 average. Not sure if it was just one of those days or I was asking a bit too much of myself after the blood donning.


Last week was one of those nightmare work weeks. I ended up working 30 hours over time over 6 days. I did manage the following runs.


Tue 19.01- Threshold session managed to fit 10 x 400 m, 1 min recovery into my lunch break. Found the session so much more comfortable. Each was completed at around 6.00 pace.


Thur 21.01- 5 mile club run @7.45 pace. Pleased with this one given the hills and the fact I was a stone heavier thanks to it absolutely peeing down the whole way round.  


Sat 23.01- Only 5 us got out on this one. Pretty uneventful out and back route. I even managed a Kenyan finish over the last mile which was so pleasing after the previous week’s lsr this helped bring the pace down to 8.08 pace for the 16 miles.


That’s me up to date and now that work is starting to quieten down I’ll try not to leave it between posts in future. Take care out there especially in this crappy weather.

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