The Biker's Back

Posted on: 15 Jun 2014

Another apology from a very bad bloger but if I'm honest I haven't had very much running to write home about in fact its been very hit and mostly miss. I feel a bit of a fraud with all the fantastic efforts of this amazing community whether its afirst park run,a pb, a special st albans half or an amazing ultra.Its got so bad that at the moment i reckon it would be a major struggle to run a half as I've only been running once or twice a week and all done without the the pressure of the infamous Mr G.

And the reason for this lack of running is that I've ben spending a lot of time out on 2 wheels. Next Sunday I've got a date with 70 miles of Dartmoor to contend with where its either up or down.So I've been riding to and from work on  Mon, Wed and Fri approx 20 miles. Then a hills session on a Tue evening same as running ride up the hill turn round and back to botto, and repeat. Then a longer run at the weekend. The problem with cycling is that to get a decent ride in just takes up so much time. Yesterdays ride took me from my house through Plymouth and out towards the Moors. A steady climb up onto Yelverton before diving down through the villages of Walkhampton and Horrabridge beforeyet another steady climb again. Then on towards Princetown and the biggest climb of the day the infamous Pork Hill and Merrivale. Basically its 6 miles of up hill indispersed with one down hill section and a couple of small flatish sections. Its basically a case of head down and keep the wheels turning tough going but the rewards are there for the return ride. So 28 miles in a little over 2 hours. After a quick break. Then its the good bit and the return ride. First section is mostly down hill and time to fly all the more enjoyable because the roads are so quite. Down through Meavy before the last Moor climb of the day and then back towards Plymouth and home. The last 18 miles were done in a little over an hour. Job done

Saying that I do being out on the bike and as I don't race there isn't the pressure you get from the running. However I do miss the running and once I get next weekends event out of the way then the focus will go back to it.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the weather and fingers crossed for those forth coming fixtures.

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