What a day

Posted on: 13 Oct 2014

Well I don't know about you lot out there but I'm shattered after yesterdays events. Started off watching the blobs start off on their merry way and then it was out into the garden to try and get sorted. Kept poping in and out to check on the blobs every 20 mins or so.This lasted for a couple hours before i found myself more and more in front of the lap top and less  time in the garden. Then got frustrated with the tracker when it kept going all werid, how brilliant are they when they work and so frustrating when they don't. By 11.30 i was stuck in front of the lap top permanent by this time the wife was also taking an interest in how the blobs were doing.

And didn't they do brilliantly all our half and marathon runners done themselves so proud mind you i still reckon they had the easier end of the stick compared to us watching those blobs.


Training this week has gone ok. Last Monday i ran 6 x 1km found it really tough guess it didn't help that i stuffed a packet of crisps about 45 mins before i went out. Then the normal 5 miler on Wednesday at 7.30 pace, Thursday was off to the running club for a hilly 6 miler which was one of those tough runs that you hate all the way round then get a huge amount of satisfaction when you're done and dusted. Then on Saturday four us from the club went out for a long run the idea was to get a quickish flat 10 miler under our belt. The only problem with that is to get such a run in round hear means you have to run next to a duel carriage way boring boring. Still the company made it a whole lot better. In the end we covered 9.5 miles at 7.21 pace, happy with that.

Bit of a taper this week then off to Exeter on Sunday for the Great West Run.

And to all of you who ran on Super Sunday congrats once again on your brilliant achievements and wear those medals with pride


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