Still Benched

Posted on: 08 Feb 2015

Still no running to report folks achillies is definately going in the right direction and is getting better but it is slow progress. So at the moment I'm suffering from double frustations, firstly the weather is just perfect for those long long runs at the moment so much better than last year when we were battling through the gales and rain and secondly I can't be out there with you lot has you smash through barrier after barrier whether it be speed,distance or terrain.

I'm still getting out on the bike a fair bit and suffering with the odd ice cream head ache as i fly down a hill at 30 mph ish at 6 am and its only 2 degrees blows out the cobwebs though. But its just not running it dosen't give me the same sense of freedom or achievement that I get even from the most basic run. At the moment I living my running through my daughter who 17 and is currently training for her first and our local half marathon that takes place in mid april.

Unable to run I did complete a 4 min 20 sec plank, 6 x 25 press ups,mind you some of the latter ones may not of counted on superstars and where a bit wobbly and somewhat shakey and a bike ride on thursday.

So where does that leave me now hopefully I'm looking at trying to get back to the running later in the week providing the ankle keeps improving but we won't be rushing back to it. I can't really make any plans other than that at the moment but must admit there a date in June that is looking rather favourible at the moment, do they allow camping on the Hawksbury village green I wonder.

Stay safe out there and keeping doing what you do best, keeping smashing those targets out of the water

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