Cold Bath Time

Posted on: 18 Aug 2015



Help, I can’t quite believe how quickly Snowdon is coming round, if that’s a scary prospect then just think how soon some of the hero’s of this site are feeling with their epic challenges just around the corner. Inspirational the lot of them and it’s their strength, determination, experience and sheer guts that I’ll be drawing on to get me round Snowdon.


We had a week a way at the beginning of the month at my brother-in-laws just outside Aylesbury. The brother-in-law is in to this Canine-cross, basically you harness yourself up to your dog via a long lead and run on trails. Nice to run and experience something different but too much starting for my liking and its got to be relevant to your dog Paul’s got a Vissler and it just trotted along as we covered about 5 miles. Didn’t bother trying our dog she’s a typical Spaniel and just tries to do everything a 100 miles an hour and would have burnt me out in a couple of minutes.


The training how been going ok with a slow increase in the mileage. I ran a solo 16 miler 3 weeks ago which was the furthest I’d run for an absolute age and it was a struggle from start to finish and I thinks I hated every step of it apart from the very last step. Then a week ago last Sunday I ran with John and Ian from the running club around the South West Coast path for another tough 16 miler again it hurt and I did have to walk some of the climbs despite the others making look so easy but the guys stood by me and waited for me despite me urging them to go on. Its no doubt that those trail miles are a damned site tougher than the road miles still we did get a tad under 1500 ft of climbing. Once I got home I had to resort to the cold bath routine far from pleasant but the legs seem to appreciate it if nothing else. I then ran a 5 mile recovery run on Monday, 7 miles on Wednesday and another 7 miles with the club on Thursday. Really happy on a couple of fronts whilst the aches and pains are still the ramping up in mileage hasn’t seemed to made them worse nor do the longer runs or the back to back runs which is all I can hope for. On Saturday went out with John again and pushed on to 18 miles and took in a lot of the route that Dave Vickerstaff regularly used for VLM training. A couple of down hill miles to start a couple of miles on the flat before a very gradule climb for the next 4/5 miles about turn and head for home. Obvisously those 4/5 miles are most welcomed as there now going down hill the unfortunate thing is the first 2 mile down hill stretch is now a bloody tough long 2 miles up hill what a finish. I was still feeling ok certainly a lot better than the 16 miler the week before but John was starting to struggle. Still we push on and got it done 18 miles in 2 hours 30 min good to get the miles under the belt but apart from the last couple of miles it was relatively flat for this neck of the woods. I’m thinking its time to seriously start getting at least one decent hills session in a week.


Oh and one thing I forgot to mention was the reason for John struggling he was in the middle of a brick training session for his forthcoming Iron Man challenge. He had just rode a little over 75 miles across Dartmoor before our run and then went and completed a 2.2 mile charity sea swim on Sunday !!!!


Keep believing, keep going, stay safe

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