Posted on: 05 Jan 2017


Well another New Year starts and I’m still pants at getting these blogs out new year, new me we’ll see.


Since Snowdon I seem to have been constantly tapering. The weekly Saturday long run has now declined to about 8 miles. Where as the Tuesday and Thursday runs have been steady runs of about 5 – 6 miles. The problem with this is that I’m still eating as if I was running 40+ miles a week. Suffice to say that the winter comfort blank has well and truly found a home around my mid-drift. I’ve also been giving Mr G some down time, in fact since Snowdon I’ve only used him once. On that one run I felt I was becoming too obsessive about time and pace and was constantly checking it and the more I was checking it the less I was liking the results. So since then he’s been stashed way in my running draw. He’s not been missed but he will be back sooner rather than later me thinks.


My last run was on New Years Eve, I’d been suffering with a cold for a couple of days but decided to go out and try to blast it out of my system. Again about 8 miles done but I did suffer afterwards and I nearly didn’t make it to seeing in the New Year in, if it hadn’t been for the entry for Snowdon I would have called it time well before. That wasn’t easy either and I thought at one point that I’d blown it but a full 40 minutes later I got confirmation that I was in. I don’t want to wish the year away but I’ve got a sneeking suspicion that once again Snowdon in October is going to be very special.


So what else have I got planned for this year. Well next weekend I’m away for a long week end in Les Gets, France skiing. There are 15 of us going to celebrate my best mate turning 50. The main problem with this is that I’ve never skied before I’m so far out of my comfort zone it’s not true. I’ve had a couple of lessons on a dry ski slope and I’ve got a couple of more planned and things are improving but I’m finding hard work and my due to my distinct lack of flexibility my hips are complaining big time. If, and when I get back in one piece all the focus will then be back on to the running.


My intention wasn’t to bother with a spring marathon this year but was to focus on getting a couple of swift half’s under my belt, one of them being my local one in Plymouth. But unfortunately this clashes with London and I’ve got a date with a speed camera and one or two friends on that very morning. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. A couple of us from the running club are looking to go long in May, a lot longer than I’ve ever gone before but not as long as some of the legends on here.

Depending on how the long one goes will then depend on what gets done over the summer, before heading back to North Wales in October.


Take care out there and stay safe.

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