Less than a hand full of runs left

Posted on: 01 Apr 2014

Our time is nearly upon us some sooner than others but the long long wait is very nearly over. And to mark the close proximatey of these events there are some very emotional posts out there and there will no doubt be more and more over the coming days.  Not sure if I'll be able to hold it all together and if these posts aren't emotional enough, the gathering of the great and good from this site is going to be something else.

Running wise the first week of the taper hasn't really seen much reduction in the running other than the shortening of the long run. Monday night was a 5 mile recovery run. Tuesday was  1 mile warm up followed by 5 miles at 7.08 average followed by a mile warm down. Thursday night was a club run 6.75 miles at 7.41 average. As for Saturdays long run was pretty tough and not at all enjoyable. Not sure why pace was all over the place nearly a minute difference in places. The route was in to town and back and was pretty much stop start all the way, just glad to get the run done and out the way 15 miles at 7.47 pace.

Saturday night was a logistics get together we met up with the family we'll be sharing a house with when we come upto London. Food and of course drink is all arranged. We've printed more maps, train and tube timetables than you can shake a stick at. And yes we're planning to come to the picnic we'll be the ones wandering round like tourists, cant ever remember being to Hyde Park before. One question  i'm at the blue start which I should access from Blackheath station. However its so much easier for me to get to Greenwich station. Is it easy/feesible to get from Greenwich station to the blue start.

Best of luck for those running in Brighton and Paris at the weekend stay focussed, believe and your rewards are there waiting for you and enjoy.



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