All blue in Plymouth

Posted on: 07 Sep 2014

Cant believe how long its been since i lasted posted. Busy busy summer. But enough about me. Today was all about louie what a superstar


And then there's all you lot out there you mad,insane,lovely selfless bunch who are truly humbling in what you've achieved today.


Me I was up early doors and out and running by 8 o'clock. The very very sketchy plan was to get to 10 miles and see how i felt and try to push on for the half. Started off on the relative flat before heading out to the south west coast path a favourite running area this time of year very scenic and very warm today. Got to the 10 mile mark and then headed for home my weren't those last miles tough very tough they weren't quick and they certainly weren't pretty but you know what those miles were a pleasure to run because we were all doing it and all for LOUIE. Brilliant absolutley brilliant.


And boy am I hurting now thats the furthest I've run since london all done in 1h 48min

and i promise to do better




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